• Released: January 21, 2000
  • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc. (Japan)
  • Format: Full-length Album

The album was released in the new millennium.
Sounds are much heavier, and more darker.

새천년을 맞이하여 발매된 앨범.
그들의 사운드는 훨씬 헤비해졌고 또한 더 어두워졌다.

Track Listing

1. Beware Of The Devil
2. Turn Of The Century
3. Speed Demon
4. Wake Me Up
5. Spanish Fire (Instrumental)
6. Slay The Dragon
7. Wasted Earth
8. Forever Yours
9. Texas Nuclear Boogie (Instrumental)
10. Fear No Evil


Total Playing Time 40:35

Liner Notes

Rob Rock – Vocals
Chris Impellitteri – Gutiar
James Amelio Pulli – Bass
Glen Sobel – Drums
Edward Harris Roth – Keyboards

Impellitteri Crunch album lineup
[Crunch] Album lineup (L to R : Chris Impellitteri, Rob Rock, James Pulli, Glen Sobel, Ed Roth)
Photo by Neil Zlozower

All music by Chris Impellitteri
All lyrics by Rob Rock

Engineered by Chris Impellitteri, Michael Wagener
Mixed by Mike Tacci
Mastered by Steven Marcussen

CRUNCH was recorded at IMPELLITTERI studio California, Sound Castle studios Los Angeles, Rumbo studio Los Angeles
Mixed at The Enterprise studios Burbank California

Musicians photos : Neil Zlozower
Cover photo : Ryszard Horowitz – THE SHOCK MARKET / IPJ
Artwork team : Jiro Naono, Kirk Maetani, Misa Murakami, Takafumi Yamanishi

Chris Impellitteri would like to thank the following people,

Jesus Chris, My loving family Roni, Ashley, Brittany,
Thanks to JVC Victor for their support and hard work, Kak Maetani, Tak Furuichi, Seigo, Katz, Aya!!!!!
Mash Itoh, Captain Wada,
A special thank you to YOUNG GUITAR magazine – KEI NAGASE!!!!!, Hiroshi Tominaga, Neil Zlozower, Michael Wagener, Steven Marcussen, Brian Ranks, Buddy Blaze, David Pigg, Joe Carducci, William Hames,
Brian Labreque for his support and his fan club for IMPELLITTERI,
Fender girtars for making the CHRIS IMPELLITTERI signature model.
SAM SEKIHARA, JUN NAKABAYASHI, Mako and Mami for all of their support and hard work.
Our legal representative JEFFREY LIGHT, Ernie Ball strings


Rob Rock would like to thank the following :

My Lord above, my wife Susannah, my family and friends,
Victor Entertainment, Masa Itoh, Captain Wada, QLC, Dietrich and Jacqueline Johnston, Gary and Cara Judycki, Mattias Mittelstadt, Patrilla and Jay, Brain and Brandy, Mami and Mako, Dr. Mokris, Dave Carter, Shain Stanton, Mike Perlstein, Eddy Levy, Marty Lacek, Michael Wagener, Virgin Music Publishing, Global Rights, Dream Catcher, Roy Z, Century Media, Dr. Schmidt, all the magazines and fans that support us,
Charlie Yap @ for his Philippine promotions, and special thanks so Susannah Rock for her design and continuous maintenance of my web site: make sure you check it out!


James Pulli would like to thank the following people,

My loving family for all of your support and help over the year, George, Jean, Frank and Christopher Philli, Joseph Witzman, for your faith, guidance, and opportunity.
Brenda “Jaymie Page” Mavin for your love and smiles, Amber Bamber Smith.
Our loyal fans and dear friends, Mayumi Suzuki, Masako Tommori, Yoko Kawabata, Eric Chaz of Erics guitar for your fine luthiership and friendship.
Fumihiro Watanabe, Shigeru Ito, and Shige Takahashi of ESP musical academy.
Ryosuke Imai of Shecter Guitar research, Tak Furuichi at JVC.


Edword Roth would like to thank the following, 

The Roth Familiy, Marc “Loopmaster” Bonilla, Simon Jones, phillip Manor and Jerry Tschetter at JBL pro.
Shirley Gibbons at SKB cases, yuichiro “Ichi” Nagai at Emu/Ensoniq, JAPAN,
Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Konishi, Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Ito, Mr. Baba, and all my friends at ESP/MI Japan, Casey Young at West LA music,
Neil Zlozower, Buddy Blaze, David Pigg, Biran Labreque, Mami, Mako and Chisato.

Edward Harris Roth uses JBL sound reinforcement product, SKB cases, Hearing Protection form HEAR


Glen Sobel would like to thank the following,
Mapex-Dick Markus, Josh Touchton, Brandon Brooks, Zildjian-Brent Anderson, Jair Neciousoup, Remo-Bob Yerby, Regal tip-Carol Calato, Drum Workshop-Garrison, Rhythm tech-paam Moser, Naojo Nakamura, Hutz Fujibayashi, Carmine Appice, Gregg Bisonette, Lefty Shimano, Chuck Silverman, Howie (ypbaftc) Simon, Ron Sobel, Jeri Sobel, Lee Smith

Thank you for FENDER JAPAN for making the Chris Impellitteri signature model. – Chris –

Release Info

Comming Soon


새천년을 알리는 임펠리테리의 정규 8번째 앨범

먼저 멤버의 변화가 생겼다. 1992년 [Grin and Bear It] 앨범부터 줄곧 함께했던 캔 메리(Ken Mary)가 떠나고 그 자리는 투어 드러머로 함께했던 글렌 소벨(Glen Sobel)이 스틱을 거머쥐었다.


1. 한국의 서울음반에서 발매된 앨범에는 “이현재(NOVELLA/ECLIPSE)”씨가 리뷰하였다.

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