Pedal To The Metal

  • Released: March 24, 2004
  • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc. (Japan)
  • Format: Full-length Album

70% original Impellitteri music and 30% Nu Metal.
Young Blood, with Curtis Skelton.

70% 오리지널 임펠리테리 음악과 30%의 Nu Metal의 결합.
젊은 피, Curtis Skelton과 함께

Track Listing

1. The Writings on the Wall  04:12 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
2. Crushing Daze  02:34 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
3. Destruction  03:39 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
4. Dance with the Devil  03:40 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Skelton and Impellitteri)
5. Hurricane  04:19 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
6. Judgment Day  03:19 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Impellitteri and Skelton)
7. The Iceman Cometh  03:37 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Impellitteri and Skelton)
8. Punk  03:36 (M & L : Chris Impellitteri)
9. Propaganda Mind  04:10 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
10. Stay Tonight  03:52 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)
11. The Fall of Titus (American Metal vs. Swedish Metal) – Bonus Track  03:27 (M : Chris Impellitteri / L : Curtis Skelton)


Total Playing Time 40:33

Liner Notes

Chris Impellitteri – Guitars
Curtis Skelton – Vocals
James Pulli – Bass
Glen Sobel – Drums

Impellitteri Band Lineup 2004
[Pedal to the Metal] Line-up (L to R : Glen Sobel, Curtis Skelton, Chris Impellitteri, James Pulli)
Photo by William Hames

Produced by Chris Impellitteri
Mixed by Greg Reeley
Mastered by Tom Baker
Engineered by Greg Reeley, Chris Impellitteri
Digital Editing – Greg Reeley, Shaun Thingvold and Mike at Track Record
Recorded at Track Recording Studio Hollywood, California and Imp Studio, Los Angeles, California
Mixed at Track Recording studio
Mastered at Precision Mastering Hollywood California
Additional musician : Ed Roth


The cover of the artwork painted by Derek Riggs
Designed by Tamotsu Sasao
Artist photos taken by William Hames

Chris Impellitteri would like to thank the following, 
God, my girls Ashley, Brittany, and Roni, my Fender Stratocasters,
The band – Curtis, Glen, James and Ed, also Greg for capturing the power of this band, 
and everyone who works in our office and accounting. 
All our friends at JVC Victor – Shin, Tak, Seigo, Katz, Aya, Kak, 
Our fans around the world, Brian! Labreque for the fan web site,
Kei at Young Guitar magazine, Burrn magazine, Fender Japan, Masa Itoh, 
Captain Wada, Aki at Virgin Publishing and all of the pres that help to support IMPELLITTERI, 
all of our friends at Track Record that helped us make this recording,
Al, Tom, Mike, Ryan and all the runners who got us everything we needed in the state of California,
Eric’s Guitars for fixing my guitar!!!!!!


Curtis Skelton would like to thank the following, 
Mom and Dad Skelton, Kelly Pajak, James and Melissa Skelton, 
Daniel Skelton, Eric Skelton, Rick Harrison, The Impellitteri family, 
Brent Bradford, Dave Galiviz, Aaron Franks, Aaron Williams, Aaron Sterling, 
Dave Lopez Jr., Lee Rios, Matt Triviski, 
Charlie Waymire, Steve Dudas, Ray Luzier, Tim Petterson, Jeff Tidwell, 
Jason Jalbrook, Jeff Hickey, the Danny Gill and family, Anna, Nalle, Pi, 
Monica and Magnus Lagnevik, and everyone else that has helped me throughout the years.


Glen Sobel would like to thank the following, 
Mapex U.S.A., Joe Hibbs, Jeff Ivester; Mapex Japan – Lefty Shimano; 
Zildjian – Kirsten Matt; Remo – Matt Connors, 
Regal Tip – Carol Calato, Dan Schieder 
DW Pedals – Garrison; Lee Smith and big Mike at Drum Paradise


James Pulli would like to thank the following, 
My family, George, Jean, Frank and Christopher Pulli

Release Info

Comming Soon


롭과 결별을 선언하고 그래함과 1장의 앨범을 발표, 이후 ‘Speak No Evil’ 출신의 젊은 피, ‘Curtis Skelton’을 영입하여 발표한 앨범. Pedal To The Metal

크리스는 그의 속주 기타에 Nu-Metal을 접목시켜 새로운 형태의 앨범을 발매했지만 결과적으로 실패했다. 모두가 원했던 사운드도 아니었고 임펠리테리 밴드만의 유니크한 플레이도 들을 수 없었다. 아무튼 크리스 임펠리테리가 새롭게 시도한 앨범이다.


1. Ed Roth~~

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