Wicked Maiden

  • Released: February 25, 2009
  • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc. (Japan)
  • Format: Full-length Album

Chris and Rob’s reunion album.
They once again proved themselves to be the best music partners.

Chris와 Rob의 재결합 앨범.
본작으로 그들은 최고의 음악 파트너임을 다시한번 증명하였다.

Track Listing

1. Wicked Maiden 4:01
2. Last Of A Dying Breed 3:12
3. Weapons Of Mass Distortion 3:51
4. Garden Of Eden 5:13
5. Eyes Of An Angel 4:15
6. The Vision 4:56
7. Hi-Scool Revolution 4:36
8. Wonderful Life 4:02
9. Holy Man 4:15
10. The Battle Rages On 4:41


Total Playing Time 42:54

Liner Notes

Rob Rock – Vocals
Chris Impellitteri – Guitar
James Pulli – Bass
Brandon Wild – Drums


Glen Sobel – Additional Studio Drum Tracks

Impellitteri Band Lineup 2009
[Wicked Maiden] Line-up (L to R : Chris Impellitteri, Rob Rock, James Pulli, Brandon Wild)

All music written by Chris Impellitteri
All lyrics written by Rob Rock


Produced by Chris Impellitteri, Greg Reely
Mixed & Engineered by Greg Reely
Additional Engineering: Sean Shannon
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound


Recorded at:
The Village Recording studios, Los Angels California,
Impellitteri studios, Thousand Oaks, California,
Red Room Audio, Orlando Florida.
A to D Transfers: Cappital Records, Hollywood California
Mixed at: The Green Jacket, Vancouver Canada


Artwork by Anne Stokers (for the picture of cover)

Impellitteri on the Web:
http://www.myspace.com/ImpellitteriOfficialSite (Site Closed)
Impellitteri fan club: www.ImpellitteriFanclub.info (Site Closed)

For the Musicians:
Chris Impellitteri endorses Dean guitars and Engl Amplification.
Dean manufactures and sells the line of Chris Impellitteri signature guitar models.
Shred 1 and Shred 2

Chris Impellitteri use Engl speaker Cabinets and amplification.

Other Equipment used has been produced by Chris Impellitteri and friends.

Recording Equipment:
All music was recorded on analog Studer 827 tape machines through vintage Neve consoles with 1081 and 1073 mic pres and equalizers.
Additional Api, and Avalon equipment used.
Genelec Speakers, Amek console, and a lot of really cool recording equipment used.

Chris Impellitteri:
Roni, Ashley, Brittany, all of the Impelliteri fans who support our music,
Greg Relly for helping us make our dream record,
My guitar endorsements,
Elliott Rubinson and everone at Dean Guitars,
Michael Berger, Chris, and everyone at Engl
Peter Diezel for modifying my amplifier and Peter Stapfer at Diezel
UWE at Salwender music
Tak, Seigo, Katz, Shin, Yori, Aya, and all at Victor Entertainment that have kept the band alive all of these years.
Young Guitar Magazine for truly supporting the Impellitteri Shred fest, Burrn! Magazine.
Eric and Brent, for keeping my guitars maintained and fast!!
All of My guitars for inspiring me to shred!!
Sensor Studios, Brian Labreque at the Impellitteri fan club, Drew for the great PR,
The critics who pushed us to make a memorable album that will stand the test of time.


Rob Rock:
Rob thanks Liza and Alexander for all of their special love,
Sean Shannon for the great vocal sessions with insightful suggestions and opinions,
Greg Reely for the super mixes,
Mat Sinner and Level 10, Ken Young, the Rock and Shekhter families,
all the fans who have been waiting so long for this reunion recording,
and of course my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


James Pulli:
James would like to thank his family Jean, Frank, Christopher, and Kimberly Pulli.
Loving memories to my father George who always encouraged me to keep the music going.
My number I fan Jordynne Lancaster, Simon Jones at JBL, me mates Steve, Sean, Forest, and Sean…
OY!! Eddy, Jeremy, Curtis, and Sinuhe for the daily laughs and beer.
The LA Logic Pro User’s Group, and Greg Reely for his magic touch.
Eric Chaz of Eric’s Guitar for keeping my basses rockin.


Brandon Wild:
Thanks to everyone at the Village, Greg Reely for making my drum tracks sound big, punchy, and tight.
Every drummer who inspires me to hit the skins hard and groove through the buring insanity of Impellitteri music.

Release Info

Comming Soon

Music Video

Impellitteri – Wicked Maiden [Official Music Video]

Impellitteri – Last of a Dying Breed [Official Music Video]


Comming Soon


1. 앨범의 워킹 타이틀은 “Good and Evil” 이었다.

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